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The Benito Juarez Revolutionary

The Benito Juarez Revolutionary  :: biografia

The Benito Juarez Revolutionary infuoca i palchi del  Belgio con ritmi temporaleschi accompagnati da audaci melodie. La band ਠcomposta da Scott Hamilton, Dexter Davies,  Tom Manoury hanno suonato ai quattro lati di Bruxelles, scritto e prodotto due  dischi, fatto un tour nel loro paese natale e fatto ballare come pazzi tutti quelli che hanno avuto  il piacere di scoprire questa musica irresistibile.


Two strangers meet in the gutter one rainy evening. The streets of Brussels – no place to raise a family – are nonetheless drenched with the creative energy that birthed Benito Band.

From their humble beginnings as a raucous party band, fitting equally into either a backpack or hatchback, Benito Band, with simple music and dense lyricism, have shaken asses and taken minds across Europe, playing over 150 packed and sweaty shows since mid-2008 in Belgium, France, Spain, Italy, Germany and the UK, as well as in their native Canada.

Founding members Scott Hamilton (Keys, Vox) and Dexter Davies (Drums, Vox) were joined in 2010 by Icelandic multi-instrumentalist and all around bag of tricks, Knut Greenfjord (La Fanfare du Belgistan), adding a new level of saxophone-tuba-harmonica-Theremin madness to the already difficult-to-describe blend of Lumberjack Ska, Carnival Blues and Power Folk Vintage which is ascribed to the group. The music is at all times fresh and feel-good; exhilarating and poignant; dense and inspired.

Influenced by, though barely referencing, contemporary party bands such as Man Man, the Slackers and progressive video game music acts, Benito Band are like Bob Dylan and the Band in a jam session with the Skatalites after a night heavy with Hawaiian girls, old Canned Heat records and too many fugues. Though other excited comparisons could be made, the reality is that the group is none of these predecessors but a fresh breath of crisp northern air blowing through smoky, overcrowded clubs and raising the voices and spirits of a jaded generation of concertgoers who scream for more and more and more.

Through their self-produced, cave recordings on the now nearly vanished ‘Two Man Gentleman Band Mini-LP’ (2008), to their first full-length, independent release ‘Sarsaparilla Jacuzzi’ (2009), to the recently completed demo: ‘Caterpillar Pantomime’ (2010), Benito Band forges forth into the musical unknown, packing only a toothbrush and a bottle of forgotten tomorrows.